Socialite 1.3.6 improves Lion support

Socialite version 1.3.6 improves Lion support and fixes a Facebook-related bug:

  • Facebook constantly spinning refresh indicator fix.
  • Lion Full-Screen mode support
  • Fix for unread count badges display in Lion
  • Fix for a lock-up that could sometimes occur when loading avatars
  • Fix a crash that could occur when swiping with 3 fingers for conversation view.

As always, use autoupdate from within Socialite itself or download from

Socialite 1.3.5 brings support for Twitter changes

Read the release notes carefully. Socialite 1.3.5 was also submitted to the Mac App Store yesterday and should hopefully appear before June 30th.

  • Update for upcoming Twitter changes. Users who won’t see their Direct Messages or will get errors about them after June 30 will have to remove their Twitter service account from Socialite and authorize Socialite again. This is all because of a policy change at Twitter which now forces all the applications to specifically show to users that they will have read access to direct messages.
  • Fixed Twitter PIN auto-detection following Twitter’s layout changes.
  • Improved performance of Socialite at the end of refreshes, where it could beachball.
  • Allow creating Smart folders in any service, not only in Twitter.
  • Bug fix related to handling of removed feeds in RSS.
  • Increased database robustness. Handled some cases where database wasn’t saved between launches.
  • Added swipe (3 fingers) gestures support.
    • Swipe Right/Left to toggle conversation on selected status update.
    • Swipe Up for next unread, like hitting Space.
    • Swipe Down for previous unread, like hitting Shift-Space.
  • Major database cleanup is now done when Socialite quits. Users with big database should feel increased speed in the new version, after they quit it the first time.

Productive Macs bundle offers 50 great prizes

A week ago we launched the Productive Macs bundle with 8 great productivity applications for the Mac.

We now announce a big raffle of 50 prizes. You don’t even have to buy the bundle. In order to participate in the drawing, do one of the following:

Increase your chances of winning by doing all 3 of them!

The prizes are 10 of each: Fantastical, FiretaskCashculator, a year of Backblaze online backup or the bundle itself for free.

Productive Macs Raffle prizes

Productive Macs Raffle prizes


Socialite 1.3.4 release notes

Socialite 1.3.4 fixes important issues, such as posting to Facebook pages, and handles many of the features and issues that were reported by our users. Full release notes:

  • Reverted handling of marking articles as read as it was before version 1.3.3. Now they are again marked read when selected and not when deselected.
  • Fixed authentication of Facebook pages. If you couldn’t post to your Facebook pages previously, this should fix this.
  • It’s now possible to copy selected event(s) text with Cmd-C (Copy). It will copy to clipboard the whole text of the status updates. No need to select the text with the mouse anymore.
  • Added support for Services! Services menu is now working when events or specific text in events are selected. The selected text or text of selected events (even multiple) can now be sent to Services. Services menu is available both in the Socialite menu and on right-clicking the events. Personally, I downloaded the free Translator app: and it use it now through services to translate events in foreign languages. I just right-click it and from services menu select Translate Selection.
  • Fixed clipping of refresh button. Refresh all button state (when Alt is pressed) was causing the button to loose its right edge.
  • Pressing Cmd-Enter while on event will open events in built-in web browser, separate windows. Works great for RSS articles. Also available through Event menu.
  • Added shortcut and a menu item to toggle ‘only show unread events’ button. Cmd-Alt-U will now toggle this state. Also available from View menu.
  • Added shortcut (Cmd-Y) to open currently selected photo in photo viewer window. Similar to clicking on the “enlarge” button on a photo event.
  • Added Registration… menu item in Socialite menu to show your license or access registration dialog
  • Fixed JSON decoding bug which showed {} as pp in Twitter.
  • Fix dates for Digg updates. Previously was using original article submission date. Now use the more appropriate article’s “promotion to top news” date.
  • Favorites container in Twitter accounts is now not limited by any date so you’ll be able to see them forever. Note, this will not redownload your previous favorites. You’ll need to remove and add again your twitter account for this.
  • Fix bug where tweet it! wouldn’t work in some cases on first use.

Socialite 1.3.3 release notes

This update focuses on stability and bug fixes but also includes some important features and changes, such as Facebook links now show user’s message, URL shorteners updates and better text contrast.

  • NEW: Show user’s message to Facebook’s link status before the link description.
  • NEW: Added subscription to Socialite newsletter from within the app. Access from Socialite menu, below ‘About Socialite’.
  • CHANGE: and URL shorteners have changed the API. If you used these services with login, you’ll need to enter your account name instead of email and API key instead of password in Socialite’s preferences for them to work. These can be found using the following link:
  • FIX: Don’t loose currently read event what new events arrive and the container is set to show only unread statuses.
  • FIX: Don’t remove read events from view when the status was in more than one container (for example, in retweets and twitter timeline). This caused annoyance when reading with Space key (next unread).
  • FIX: URLs that had the # character in them couldn’t be shorted using and possibly other services.
  • CHANGE: URL shortener updated to newer API for future compatibility.
  • CHANGE: Increased text contrast in status updates.
  • FIX: Fixed Google Reader folder synchronization bug.
  • FIX: Fixed numerous data-related bugs
  • Performance improvements

As usual, either download from or auto-update from Socialite itself.

The version has been submitted to the Mac App Store as well

Thanks to all the people who were patient and helping us with finding bugs and solving their issues.

Socialite 1.3.2 release notes

This is mainly a bug-fix release but it also sports a couple of commonly asked features.

  • Fixed a case when database wouldn’t save Twitter account or other database changes because of seemingly bad data coming from Twitter.
  • Fixed a case where Facebook refresh wouldn’t complete. Was related to photo handling so more users might have experienced this in 1.3.1 update. If you had issues with Facebook always refreshing in 1.3.1 (but maybe not in previous versions), this should fix it.
  • Fixed another case where database wouldn’t be saved
  • Allow setting QuickSend window position. QuickSend window can now be dragged anywhere on your screen(s) and its location will be saved for future invocations. Especially useful for people with 2 displays.
  • Reduced minimum width of left sidebar to 165px.
  • Added the ability to close sidebar. On the bottom of the main window, there’s now a new button (the leftmost, near the button that toggles quick input window and the refresh button). This button will close or open the sidebar. This was a commonly asked feature.

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