Read the release notes carefully. Socialite 1.3.5 was also submitted to the Mac App Store yesterday and should hopefully appear before June 30th.

  • Update for upcoming Twitter changes. Users who won’t see their Direct Messages or will get errors about them after June 30 will have to remove their Twitter service account from Socialite and authorize Socialite again. This is all because of a policy change at Twitter which now forces all the applications to specifically show to users that they will have read access to direct messages.
  • Fixed Twitter PIN auto-detection following Twitter’s layout changes.
  • Improved performance of Socialite at the end of refreshes, where it could beachball.
  • Allow creating Smart folders in any service, not only in Twitter.
  • Bug fix related to handling of removed feeds in RSS.
  • Increased database robustness. Handled some cases where database wasn’t saved between launches.
  • Added swipe (3 fingers) gestures support.
    • Swipe Right/Left to toggle conversation on selected status update.
    • Swipe Up for next unread, like hitting Space.
    • Swipe Down for previous unread, like hitting Shift-Space.
  • Major database cleanup is now done when Socialite quits. Users with big database should feel increased speed in the new version, after they quit it the first time.

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