This is mainly a bug-fix release but it also sports a couple of commonly asked features.

  • Fixed a case when database wouldn’t save Twitter account or other database changes because of seemingly bad data coming from Twitter.
  • Fixed a case where Facebook refresh wouldn’t complete. Was related to photo handling so more users might have experienced this in 1.3.1 update. If you had issues with Facebook always refreshing in 1.3.1 (but maybe not in previous versions), this should fix it.
  • Fixed another case where database wouldn’t be saved
  • Allow setting QuickSend window position. QuickSend window can now be dragged anywhere on your screen(s) and its location will be saved for future invocations. Especially useful for people with 2 displays.
  • Reduced minimum width of left sidebar to 165px.
  • Added the ability to close sidebar. On the bottom of the main window, there’s now a new button (the leftmost, near the button that toggles quick input window and the refresh button). This button will close or open the sidebar. This was a commonly asked feature.

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