Cashculator 2 beta 1 is out

We’re excited to announce the first beta of the next major version of Cashculator for the Mac

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Cashculator is a personal finance app, focused on high-level planning and tracking of income and expenses. It’s a smart spreadsheet for personal finance.

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If you’re new to Cashculator, check out the new home page for highlights and read the new Quick Guide.

The highlights of the new version

  • Cashculator is now document-based. So instead of only having one internal database, you can create and save separate documents anywhere.
  • In addition to month-based columns, a weekly view for the spreadsheet tables is now available. You can switch tables between monthly and weekly views at any time.
  • Precise date-level planning, if desired, including weekly-based recurring transactions
  • Income/Expenses categories can now be organized into groups (subcategories support)
  • Improved Reconcile screen, which includes income and expenses data for easier reconciliation and a quick look at all the data
  • A new Reports screen with graph and table reports
  • Printing of Income/Expenses spreadsheets (printing of reports to come)
  • A new option to create Actual transactions from Plan automatically when the date arrives
  • Multiple starting templates to choose from for new documents or scenarios
  • Refreshed UI and icon

Read the full details and find the download link in our forum by clicking the button below

The new design of the Expenses table in Cashculator 2

We can’t wait for you to try it out!

The team at Apparent Software
Braden, Jacob, Krystian and Susannah.

Cashculator 1.3.7 Release

We’ve released an update to Cashculator that fixes some bugs and improves some aspects of usability, especially the state of the application after it restarts.

Update is available both directly from our site and from the Mac App Store. If auto-update through the application doesn’t work, you can download the new version.

If you’re a Twitter user, it’s also a good time to connect to Cashculator’s Twitter account. While it’s kind of new, it might surprise you.

Full release notes:

  • Use default system fonts
  • Fix rare corruption of total categories names
  • Remember and restore active screen between launches
  • Remember and restore Scenarios sidebar state between launches
  • Remember position in grid between launches

Cashculator 1.3.3 with fixes for Mavericks

Today we’ve released Cashculator version 1.3.3 both on the Mac App Store and direct on our site.

This update fixes the scenario sidebar not showing for some users on Mavericks. In addition, it improves the look of the bottom bar on the Income and Expenses screen.

There are more fixes, which are mainly not seen by users. Cashculator should be faster. It also now requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. Mac OS X 10.6 is no longer supported in version 1.3.3. As Apple goes forward with their OS releases, so do we.

If you’re using the direct version of Cashculator, you can update from the Cashculator menu. You can also download the new version manually.

Cashculator 1.3.0 drops Leopard and PPC support

We’ve just released Cashculator version 1.3.0. While there are almost no new features in it and a handful of bug fixes, this release is a “point release”, because it drops the support for PowerPC-based Macs and for Mac OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard. Leopard is now 2 versions behind latest Mac OS X and we see minimal use of Cashculator on PPC-based Macs. We also have no way to test again 10.5 and were hit by this in one of our latest updates.

If you need to download the last version of Cashculator that worked on PPC or Leopard, download: Cashculator for 10.5 and PPC.

Full release notes for Cashculator 1.3.10:

  • Database integrity fixes
  • Fix for French localization
  • Arrow keys now work when editing income/expenses table cells to move inside the cell’s text instead of jumping to another cell
  • Editing mode for a cell can now be activated by double-clicking on the cell, in addition to pressing the Enter key.
  • Better management of Cashculator database backups.
  • The income/expense and reconcile tables are now non-elastic when scrolling in Lion. Elastic scrolling didn’t look good.
  • Better error handling in several cases

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