Educational articles on framing and matting

Are you interested in the history of picture frame? Or perhaps you need some tips for choosing the perfect frame for your art work? What are the main rules of framing the photo?
We are pleased to inform you that we have started publishing educational articles on framing and matting. Take a look at our Picture Framing Articles page.
Every month we will add articles with interesting facts about framing, as well as sharing tips to mount your artwork. Let us introduce our first article – Why a picture frame?

Why a picture frame?

A frame for a picture is like a beautiful dress for a woman. It serves to emphasize the important details, hide the disadvantages, and create a complete, perfect image. Many private owners and art galleries exhibit their paintings without frames, but this is a huge mistake. An unframed picture looks far less impressive than it could because the painting itself is rarely self-sufficient and lacks a complete form. In most cases the right framing is necessary to complete the image…

Press love

We’ve had some love from real press in the last several months. First, Cashculator was reviewed in Macworld as part of their “Mac Gems” series of applications.

What’s more, it was also mentioned in Macworld’s magazine Oct 2010 issue, as part of the same Mac Gems reviews. Below are the pictures for the whole page and also the short review itself.

ImageFramer has also been mentioned in article called “Three Mac photo apps that add creative effects.”

Lastly, MacTech magazine in its July 2010 issue posted an interview with Jacob in their Spotlight column. Find below the scanned interview to get a more personal aspect of him, not limited to programming (click on the image for a larger version which is easier to read).

We hope to improve our contacts with the relevant press and we have some grand plans for it. Stay tuned.

Macworld Cashculator page

Macworld Cashculator

MacTech Jacob Interview

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