This update focuses on stability and bug fixes but also includes some important features and changes, such as Facebook links now show user’s message, URL shorteners updates and better text contrast.

  • NEW: Show user’s message to Facebook’s link status before the link description.
  • NEW: Added subscription to Socialite newsletter from within the app. Access from Socialite menu, below ‘About Socialite’.
  • CHANGE: and URL shorteners have changed the API. If you used these services with login, you’ll need to enter your account name instead of email and API key instead of password in Socialite’s preferences for them to work. These can be found using the following link:
  • FIX: Don’t loose currently read event what new events arrive and the container is set to show only unread statuses.
  • FIX: Don’t remove read events from view when the status was in more than one container (for example, in retweets and twitter timeline). This caused annoyance when reading with Space key (next unread).
  • FIX: URLs that had the # character in them couldn’t be shorted using and possibly other services.
  • CHANGE: URL shortener updated to newer API for future compatibility.
  • CHANGE: Increased text contrast in status updates.
  • FIX: Fixed Google Reader folder synchronization bug.
  • FIX: Fixed numerous data-related bugs
  • Performance improvements

As usual, either download from or auto-update from Socialite itself.

The version has been submitted to the Mac App Store as well

Thanks to all the people who were patient and helping us with finding bugs and solving their issues.

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