We’ve released Socialite 1.4.2 today, to direct customers only. It was also submitted to the Mac App Store but we didn’t want our direct customers to wait since the fixes are important and Apple unfortunately takes quite a lot of time to review submissions recently.

The changes in 1.4.2 are:

  • Fixed constantly spinning Facebook account when sessions expire. Facebook has changed its policy and now applications get only 60 days of access to Facebook before their access tokens expire and the user has to authenticate the application again.
  • Fixed displaying of RSS and Google Reader articles on Mountain Lion
  • Embedded content (such as YouTube videos) now shows in RSS/Google Reader articles. This was a long-standing bug.
  • Socialite is now signed with Developer ID signature for being compatible with Mountain Lion. This is only important to direct customers. This also means that on the first launch of the new version the system will ask you to grant Socialite access to keychain entries. It may ask once for each separate account you have in Socialite.
  • Fixed the incorrect drawing of rows in the sidebar when rows are expanded. Previously the unread badges could be drawn too far to the right.

Direct customers, check using the built-in update option. Or download new version directly.

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