After a long waiting period we’ve finally released Blast update on the Mac App Store. Last version on the store was 1.6.5, so it’s been several direct updates since then. But the good news is that App Store customers didn’t see the bugs that were in versions 1.7.0 and 1.7.1

This release fixes some important bugs and introduces some new features and changes. Read the details.

  • Dragging a file out of Blast window will close the window to allow access to space below it.
  • It’s now possible to drag a file from Finder to Blast’s icon in the menu. When the file is over Blast’s icon, the window will open and will allow you to move the file to the Sidebar for easy later access to it.
  • Change: Dragging icons from the sidebar now acts like dragging from recent list – i.e. you can drag them to drop in other applications. To remove an item from sidebar, select it and either press Delete/Backspace or use right-click menu.
  • Applications that are on the sidebar can now be used to open recent files. Just put the application on the sidebar and later drag a file from recent list on to the application to open it with this specific application. It’s also still possible to drag files onto folders in the sidebar to move them to these folders.
  • The applications on the sidebar are now also always added to Open With… menu item for recent files, on the bottom, after a separator.
  • Last used view (filter) is now saved between launches. Blast will open on the same view as it was closed.
  • FIX: Improved performance. Occasionally Blast used a lot of CPU for periods of time, causing slow OS operation.
  • FIX. In 1.7.1 it was impossible to drag files from Recent list to side bar.
  • FIX (not in 1.7.2 on Mac App Store): Blast window will now always open below the icon. Previously, when switching to lower-resolution display, Blast window might appear incorrectly on screen, making it unusable.

Update from within Blast, App Store or download from Blast download page.

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