Trickster 2.4 improves cloud services support

Trickster 2.4 screenshot

Trickster 2.4 improves support for cloud services including iCloud Drive, Google Docs.

Files in iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive will now display associated icons in their paths in the file list to make the paths shorter and easier to identify.

We added two icons for filters, one for Google Drive and a generic cloud icon that could be used for iCloud.

We simplified selection of iCloud Drive folder in File Tracking and Filter configurations with a dedicated button that opens the correct location. Note: adding iCloud Drive as instructed only adds the folders that you create and move there manually. For app-specific folders in iCloud, select them and add separately.

Google Drive document changes are now detected after they’re changed on the web, if Google Drive application is running.

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, including some crashes.

Black Friday sale 2015

Enjoy amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on all Apparent Software apps!

Until the end of November, 2015, prices on all our apps are at 50% only.

The offer is valid both on our web site and in the Mac App Store.

  • Make your photos stand out with ImageFramer
  • Improve your finances with Cashculator
  • Boost your productivity with Trickster, that brings your files at your fingertips
Using Trickster with LaunchBar

Using Trickster with LaunchBar

Trickster now integrates with LaunchBar

We’ve happy to announce that we’ve worked with the people at Objective Development, who make the fantastic application LaunchBar, to create an action for it for a better integration with it than we previously had.

Version 2.3.4 of Trickster added AppleScript (or Javascript which can be used instead of it) support for Trickster filters, which gives more control for this and other possible integrations.

How to use the action

The action is called “Trickster Files”, so you can invoke by typing starting letters, such as tf or even shorter after Launcher learns it. We suggest adding a shortcut for the action (such as the letter t). Long press on t will show all the latest files which you further use like any other file list in LaunchBar.

Trickster Launchbar All files

Another option is to show the action and press Command-Right when it’s selected to show the list of filters enabled in Trickster, then navigate the filters.



Installing the Action

Click on the icon below to download the action. After it downloads, double-click on it. LaunchBar will prompt you install it. It’s that easy.

Trickster Launchbar Action Icon. Click to Download

Another integration option

You can use LaunchBar’s “Instant Send” shortcut to send the selected file in Trickster’s own window to LaunchBar immediately, like you’d do from Finder. Very handy.

New frames in ImageFramer

Today we’ve added 94 new frames to the Standard set. Most of the frame graphics was contributed by one of our long-time customers, Glen Dahlman, whom we’d like to thank for his continuing help and contributions over many years. Both images were created using two layers, each of them is new. All the new frames are moulding-type frames — resizable borders.

Two of the frames in “Real” Collection/”Wooden” Set, “Light wood” and “Light wood relief”, were copied from the Pro frames because the Standard set lacked simple light wood frames.

ImageFramer usually checks the library for updates on every launch. But if you disabled it in Preferences, you can force library update check from the menu.

The full list of frames, sorted by “Collection/Set” is below the images.

framed flowers framed bycicle

· Bricks · Cora · Maze · Orange Drops · Pastel · VL · Whole Woods · Yellow Pattern · Zebra 1 · Zebra 2 · Zig
· Linengold 2 · Rough Liner
· Fine Leaves
· Arya · Classic Gold · Tempest
· Antique Carved · Antique Wood · Black & Gold 4 · Black 4 · Blackmore · Carved 1 · Carved 2 · Carved 3 · Carved 4 · Carved Silver Wood 1 · Carved Silver Wood 2 · Chronicle · Composite Wood · Dark Wood · Deggial · Dragon · Duo · Engraving · Faria · Fence · Flint · Flora · Flowers · Framed Wood · Golden Flowers · Golden Wood 2 · Golden Wood 3 · Light wood · Light wood relief · Red laquer 3 · Red laquer 4 · Red’n’black · Red’n’gold 2 · Rough wood 3 · Rough wood 4 · Rough wood 5 · Rough wood 6 · Strict · Stripes · Tempest · Temple · Venice · Waves 1 · Waves 2 · Waves 3 · Wavy · Wooden Handcraft · Worn Wood
· Antiquity · Belt · Black Cobra · Black Leather 1 · Black Leather 2 · Chess · Cold Iron · Country · Elegy · Fabric & Leather · Fabric & Wood · Gold & Linen 2 · Gold on Black 1 · Gold on Black 2 · Gold on Black 3 · Gold on Black 4 · Hamsa · Maya · Metal · Multitude · Red Cobra · Snake · Solarius · Tormund · Woven 1 · Woven 2 · Zigmund


Alfred workflow for Trickster

Alfred workflow for Trickster

We’ve created a workflow that integrates Trickster‘s latest files list into the fabulous productivity tool for the Mac –Alfred.

If you’re using both Trickster and Alfred, you should appreciate it. A hotkey, ⌘⌥Z, will show 30 most recent files from Trickster in Alfred’s own list, so you can use your familiar Alfred interface for opening, browsing or other actions that you like to do in Alfred.

Alfred workflow

If you continue typing text, the query will be used to filter the latest 100 entries in Trickster for files that include the query in their path or file name. This is similar to how Trickster’s own filtering works.

Alfred workflow with query

Default action for the workflow is opening the file and the Command key modifier will switch to Browsing it in Alfred, which is handy for folders.

You can download the workflow from Packal: Get Latest Files from Trickster

The workflow requires version 2.3.3 of Trickster, so please update it, if you’re using an earlier one.

Pluto has been framed

Pluto has been framed

To celebrate New Horizons‘ #PlutoFlyBy, we framed its best photo of Pluto yet with a simple frame.

The selected frame is called Straight from Artistic collection, Various set. We color matched it to Pluto’s heart and made it a bit darker so it didn’t draw the eyes too much. The width is set to 8%. The main feature of the photo is Pluto of course, so frame should try to only add to it and not distract too much.

Can you come up with a better frame for the original photograph from Nasa?

Post to @apparentsoft on Twitter or on ImageFramer’s Facebook page.

Make Gift Photos Unique with ImageFramer

Summer is a busy time for everyone, and for many of us that means lots of birthdays, parties, family get-togethers and the like where gifts are exchanged.

One of the most meaningful gifts that you can give to someone is a nicely-framed photo of themselves or their child, but just because you’re printing out a photo and putting it into a frame doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Today we’ll look at a few options that ImageFramer offers you to make photo gifts much more memorable!


Here’s a really cute photo of a little girl blowing on a dandelion puff. This is nice, but how can we make it really memorable?

To start, I’ve added a mat around the photo to give it some padding – this is because I want to use a fancy frame, but I don’t want the design to obscure any of the actual photo. I’ve picked the French Buff mat and increased the width by 16.46% by using the slider on the right, in the Layer Settings tab.

Now it’s time to add our fun frame!

Gift Photo-2

To keep the floral theme in the photo I’ve selected the Sunflower frame. As we can see, it really makes the photo stand out by adding interesting, fun visual elements and a bit of extra colour. Now this regular photo makes an interesting and memorable gift!

Let’s try something a bit different. Here we have a photo taken of a couple at a wedding celebration, so how can we make this photo stand out even more?

Since there are already a lot of strong colours in this photo -the red of the woman’s nails and dress, and the grey and black of the man’s suit- I’ve decided to tone it down a bit by adding a very muted being frame. As you can see, this is a “wedding” frame and because of the way that the frame “cinches” in the middle it pulls the focus of the photo to the champagne glasses instead of the strong colours. This frame also helps tell a story about what the photo is from – because of the “wedding” theme of the frame it’s easy to tell that this is a photo from a wedding.

I’m sure now you’re getting the hang of things, but let’s do one more together to see how ImageFramer can help you customize photos for your loved ones!

Gift Photo-4

This photo is super cute – a couple, obviously kidding, with the girl giving the  token “foot pop” as she embraces her beau. There’s no way we can make this more special, right? Of course there is! With ImageFramer there are so many ways that we can make our photos even more special.

Gift Photo - 5

For this photo I’ve kept it pretty simple – I’ve selected the ‘Valentine Letter’ option. Even though Valentine’s Day is far away, this super-cute frame helps amplify the love that we see in this photo. By adding this ImageFramer frame we’ve made this photo into the perfect gift for the lovebirds in your life!

By adding personal touches to photos in ImageFramer we can make photos even more unique and special when we give them to people that we care about.

Now it’s your turn! Join our Facebook community and show us your favourite frames!

Use ImageFramer to Make Still Life Photos Pop

If you’re a photographer looking to sell your still life prints online, it can often be difficult for potential customers to picture how your photos will look framed in their homes.

Luckily ImageFramer allows you to experiment with different varieties of mats and frames in a variety of textures which accentuate and highlight various aspects of your still life photographs.

In this tutorial, we will see a few ways that ImageFramer helps turn an unremarkable still life photo into something spectacular, and how it can provide your customers with an opportunity to see how versatile your photographs can be.

still life photos-1

Let’s make this still life photo pop!

To start, I’ve dropped my still life photo into ImageFramer. It’s a pretty simple photo: lots of white items and a few accent colours from the strawberries and croissant in a brightly-lit room, but by adding a mat (I’ve selected ‘Pure White’) we can see how the whites in the photo become much more prominent.

still life photos-2

Now that we’ve made the whites in the photo stand out, it’s time to select a frame. Because this photo has some earthy colours in it from the croissant and the paper in the coffee Chemex in the background, I decided to go with a nice ‘Wood and Gold’ frame to balance it out.

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

still life photos-3

So there’s one example, but what if we wanted to change things up a bit? Let’s focus instead on keeping things monochromatic.

still life photos-4

For this example, I started with my regular still-life photo and decided to add a Fadeout Mask to it; this softens the edges a bit and makes the photo look warmer. I’ve also changed the opacity to [opacity goes here] which softens the photo even more.

Next I’ve selected my frame. This time I decided to go with something a bit fancier, the Texture frame. I’ve chosen this frame because it’s a bit heavier, which balances out the mask I added earlier, and because the tight weave texture of the frame brings out the pattern in the placemats in the photo, which also have a ‘woven’ look to them.

Let’s see what I’ve come up with:

still life photos-5

So far we’ve tried some pretty “safe” experiments – now let’s try something really crazy!

still life photos-6

Starting with my original photo I’ve added the Floral Lines mask, which makes the photo look much more whimsical than a simple still-life photo. To balance out all the curly lines I’ve added the Ko mask and the Spray 2 mask, which create an interesting buffer around the original photo.

To finish this version I’ve selected a frame with a warmer, more reddish tone to bring out the strawberries in the centre of the photo. The Red ‘n Gold frame does this nicely. By combining this simple frame with some fancier effects the photo takes on a totally different look and feel.

As we’ve seen, experimenting with ImageFramer’s options, you can show your customers the wide variety of ways that your photo can be framed, and how something as simple as the right mat or a frame in a different colour can add to the value of your still-life photo.

Now it’s your turn! Join our Facebook community and show us how you use ImageFramer to make your photos pop!

ImageFramer 3.3 Upgrade

ImageFramer Report-2

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of ImageFramer is now available!

Here are some of the features included in the ImageFramer 3.3 upgrade:

  • Allow setting “Real-world” size for the image being framed. With this you can:
  • ImageFramer displays total real-world size of the framed result
  • Generate Design Report (Pro version only). A Design Report (pictured above) produces a PDF with sizes for frame layers in real-world sizes (based on real width set in Design Settings). Find it in Design Settings panel and in the File menu.
  • ImageFramer now accepts images dragged from Photos, Safari and other applications
  • Support loading grayscale and non-8-bit-per-channel input images
  • Allow zooming with zoom gesture on the trackpad (10.10+)
  • Click on mat and molding-type layers to select them
  • Click on the image itself to select the image layer
  • Resize mats and molding-type frames using the Scroll Wheel over the frame or the up/down scroll gesture on the trackpad)
  • Change frame overlap with Command Key + Scroll Wheel over the molding-type frame
  • Change mat bevel size with Command Key + Scroll Wheel over the mat
  • Share button added to the bottom bar to share using standard OS X share providers (Facebook, Twitter, Messages)
  • Fixed “Show shadows” check box in Design Settings
  • Fixed calculation of sizes for cropped images
  • Added Printing support

For more information and inspiration for how to use ImageFramer, visit our Facebook page and join our community, and don’t forget to rate ImageFramer on the Mac App Store!

Update instructions:

Mac App Store customers should update ImageFramer in the Mac App Store.

Direct customers should choose “Check for new version” in their “ImageFramer” menu or download ImageFramer from our web site.

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