How to make a unique Valentine’s card

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and caring. It could be love between friends, family love of a child to the parent or romantic love between partners. On this day people share unique, romantic cards with their loved ones and there is nothing easier than to make a cute Valentine’s card with ImageFramer. That is why today’s tutorial is for those who want to make a recognizable, attractive and memorable card for those you love.

To start, let’s choose the cutest photo of you and your beloved and drag it to ImageFramer. The frame I chose is called Hearts Large (can be found between other frames devoted to Valentine’s Day in Holidays and Celebrations collection, Love set).

 I’ve added a mat around the photo. I’ve picked the Manor White color in Whites set and unlocked the option for customizing the size of the mat with a click on a little lock on the top right side of the Layer Settings Tab. Then I increased the right and bottom width of the mat to the maximum by using the slider to make space for the text overlay. Moreover, I would like to add more depth to my photo, so I colorized a mat’s bevel using the eyedropper.

After that, I want to make an overlay with a text. These words are highly significant, and I am sure you will find the right way to express your feelings. I changed the size and color of the text using Fonts Panel.

Well, only one finishing touch is left. I would like to add several hearts to my Valentine’s Card to make my photo stand out by adding interesting visual elements and a bit of extra color. For this step, I need to make several text overlays. You can find a variety of Characters in the Fonts section. I decided to make the hearts of different size and opacity.


The Valentine’s card is ready, really hope you enjoy it!

Our customers are the Heart of our Business, and Apparent Software wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day!

Make matting interesting with ImageFramer

In this tutorial, I want to show you a few ways to use matting with ImageFramer.

A mat can enhance, or even radically change, the impression of a picture.  With a mat, a piece of art can look far more impressive than without it. To show you some matting tips I have chosen a nice autumn photo with a bright accent on blue shoes. Hope you like it.


Simple matting

First of all let’s choose the frame that enhances the picture and doesn’t distract us from our main purpose. The frame I chose is called Legion (can be found in Real collection, Wooden set). The width is set to 8%.

Then I’ve added a mat around the photo. In general, neutral colors are always a safe choice. Playing a background role, they help a picture to dominate the space around it. For this reason I’ve picked the Toasty mat in Beige and Yellow collection. I recommend making the mat twice as wide as the frame. I increased the width to 14% by using the slider on the right, in the Layer Settings tab.


Double matting

In this variant I want to give the effect of more depth to the picture. For this reason I added Fussil mat from the same collection and put it to the inner side of the photo. The inner mat creates a thin line of a slightly lighter color. Where a double matting is used, the color of the inner mat can enhance the bright accent on the picture or be just slightly darker or lighter than the main mat color.


Choose your own color

But let’s try something different. Don’t forget that you can choose a color of a mat from the picture itself. The picture is full of warm yellow and red colors, so I clicked on the eyedropper and decided to go with a deep orange color from one of the leaves in the photo. To make it even more interesting I did the same thing with the bevel and chose a dark purple color for it.

This makes the photo stand out by adding interesting visual elements and a bit of extra color.


There are many more creatives ways you can use ImageFramer to improve the presentation of your photographs. Let your imagination surprise you!

Educational articles on framing and matting

Are you interested in the history of picture frame? Or perhaps you need some tips for choosing the perfect frame for your art work? What are the main rules of framing the photo?
We are pleased to inform you that we have started publishing educational articles on framing and matting. Take a look at our Picture Framing Articles page.
Every month we will add articles with interesting facts about framing, as well as sharing tips to mount your artwork. Let us introduce our first article – Why a picture frame?

Why a picture frame?

A frame for a picture is like a beautiful dress for a woman. It serves to emphasize the important details, hide the disadvantages, and create a complete, perfect image. Many private owners and art galleries exhibit their paintings without frames, but this is a huge mistake. An unframed picture looks far less impressive than it could because the painting itself is rarely self-sufficient and lacks a complete form. In most cases the right framing is necessary to complete the image…

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