Trickster 2.6 Brings a Light Theme

This new release of Trickster brings some of the features that you, our dear customers, have requested. So please keep your requests coming. Visit our Trickster Suggestion forum on the support portal to start public discussions into feature requests and to vote on other people’s suggestions.

Light theme

We’ve designed a Light theme for the file list. You can select it in Trickster’s Preferences.

Trickster Light Theme

Trickster in Light Theme

Show icons or QuickLook preview

Trickster usually shows QuickLook previews of files in the Expanded row mode. With a new option added in this release, Trickster can now only display generic file icons. This behavior can be useful when you’re more concerned with what application will open the file than with its content. Text files can especially benefit since their preview provides little information about their content.

Overwriting files

Did you know you could drag files from Trickster (or from Finder) unto folders in Favorites sidebar and have them moved or copied (by holding the Option key) there? If you didn’t know, try it — we created the sidebar with this use-case in mind.

Previously, though, Trickster silently failed to move or copy when the destination folder already contained a file by that name. Now Trickster will detect this and suggest to overwrite the file, if you want. The original file will be moved to Trash, just in case. Unfortunately, this behavior might fail on macOS Sierra because of increased protection of /Applications folder by the system.

File Tracking and Filter instructions

When you have no entries in a section of the File Tracking Configuration or when editing Filters, Trickster will now display a description of what this section means and how to edit it.

Trickster instructions in Filter panel

Trickster instructions in Filter Editing panel

Play better with Sandboxing

Trickster will now fail less to monitor folders that you want it to monitor. It now correctly detects when it doesn’t have permission to monitor it. And to help you see when it fails, the File Tracking Configuration panel will mark these watched folders with a yellow exclamation mark.

In the screenshot below, Downloads and Applications are not working anymore, and their permissions need to be refreshed.

Trickster failing folders step 1

Select the folder, Downloads in this example, and a button titled “Refresh permissions” will appear (see screenshot below). Click on it. Trickster will remove Downloads from the list and will present an “Open Dialog” with Downloads folder selected. Just click the “Refresh Permissions” button on the bottom left of this dialog to add Downloads back with the new permissions.

Trickster failing folders step 2

Now you don’t need to wonder if a folder is monitored by Trickster or not, because of Sandboxing permissions.

We sincerely hope you like the changes.

Trickster 2.4 improves cloud services support

Trickster 2.4 screenshot

Trickster 2.4 improves support for cloud services including iCloud Drive, Google Docs.

Files in iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive will now display associated icons in their paths in the file list to make the paths shorter and easier to identify.

We added two icons for filters, one for Google Drive and a generic cloud icon that could be used for iCloud.

We simplified selection of iCloud Drive folder in File Tracking and Filter configurations with a dedicated button that opens the correct location. Note: adding iCloud Drive as instructed only adds the folders that you create and move there manually. For app-specific folders in iCloud, select them and add separately.

Google Drive document changes are now detected after they’re changed on the web, if Google Drive application is running.

We’ve also fixed a number of bugs, including some crashes.

Cashculator 1.3.0 drops Leopard and PPC support

We’ve just released Cashculator version 1.3.0. While there are almost no new features in it and a handful of bug fixes, this release is a “point release”, because it drops the support for PowerPC-based Macs and for Mac OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard. Leopard is now 2 versions behind latest Mac OS X and we see minimal use of Cashculator on PPC-based Macs. We also have no way to test again 10.5 and were hit by this in one of our latest updates.

If you need to download the last version of Cashculator that worked on PPC or Leopard, download: Cashculator for 10.5 and PPC.

Full release notes for Cashculator 1.3.10:

  • Database integrity fixes
  • Fix for French localization
  • Arrow keys now work when editing income/expenses table cells to move inside the cell’s text instead of jumping to another cell
  • Editing mode for a cell can now be activated by double-clicking on the cell, in addition to pressing the Enter key.
  • Better management of Cashculator database backups.
  • The income/expense and reconcile tables are now non-elastic when scrolling in Lion. Elastic scrolling didn’t look good.
  • Better error handling in several cases

Socialite 1.3.3 release notes

This update focuses on stability and bug fixes but also includes some important features and changes, such as Facebook links now show user’s message, URL shorteners updates and better text contrast.

  • NEW: Show user’s message to Facebook’s link status before the link description.
  • NEW: Added subscription to Socialite newsletter from within the app. Access from Socialite menu, below ‘About Socialite’.
  • CHANGE: and URL shorteners have changed the API. If you used these services with login, you’ll need to enter your account name instead of email and API key instead of password in Socialite’s preferences for them to work. These can be found using the following link:
  • FIX: Don’t loose currently read event what new events arrive and the container is set to show only unread statuses.
  • FIX: Don’t remove read events from view when the status was in more than one container (for example, in retweets and twitter timeline). This caused annoyance when reading with Space key (next unread).
  • FIX: URLs that had the # character in them couldn’t be shorted using and possibly other services.
  • CHANGE: URL shortener updated to newer API for future compatibility.
  • CHANGE: Increased text contrast in status updates.
  • FIX: Fixed Google Reader folder synchronization bug.
  • FIX: Fixed numerous data-related bugs
  • Performance improvements

As usual, either download from or auto-update from Socialite itself.

The version has been submitted to the Mac App Store as well

Thanks to all the people who were patient and helping us with finding bugs and solving their issues.

Socialite 1.3.2 release notes

This is mainly a bug-fix release but it also sports a couple of commonly asked features.

  • Fixed a case when database wouldn’t save Twitter account or other database changes because of seemingly bad data coming from Twitter.
  • Fixed a case where Facebook refresh wouldn’t complete. Was related to photo handling so more users might have experienced this in 1.3.1 update. If you had issues with Facebook always refreshing in 1.3.1 (but maybe not in previous versions), this should fix it.
  • Fixed another case where database wouldn’t be saved
  • Allow setting QuickSend window position. QuickSend window can now be dragged anywhere on your screen(s) and its location will be saved for future invocations. Especially useful for people with 2 displays.
  • Reduced minimum width of left sidebar to 165px.
  • Added the ability to close sidebar. On the bottom of the main window, there’s now a new button (the leftmost, near the button that toggles quick input window and the refresh button). This button will close or open the sidebar. This was a commonly asked feature.

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