Black Friday discounts

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and upcoming “Black Friday” we are glad to give to our users an amazing 40% discount on Cashculator (Mac and iPhone versions) and ImageFramer applications.

Cashculator will enable you to track your expenses on Black Friday sales and keep you from getting broke and ImageFramer will allow you to frame holiday photos of your family ūüôā

The discount lasts until November 29th. To get the discount, use the coupon code FRIDAY on our site or purchase directly on the App Store at the same special price!

Welcome Mike Glass

It’s a big day today in Apparent Software land! We would like you all to welcome Mike Glass into our little company. Mike is an experienced Mac and iOS developer with several years behind his belt at Pocket Sevens, developing his own applications and helping numerous clients with their projects.

Mike will join us full time and his first mission will be to help us bring Socialite 2 to fruition, ripe and tasty, to everyone’s delight. This second version of Socialite is challenging us on many levels and I’m sure with Mike’s expertise we’ll be able to deliver it much faster and with fabulous quality, as our customers expect it.

Following Socialite for Mac, Mike’s experience with iOS development will play a pivotal role in bringing Socialite to the iPad. We are really excited about the possibilities that an iPad version, synchronized with its Mac counterpart will present.

You can read more about Mike on our company’s About page.


Productive Macs bundle offers 50 great prizes

A week ago we launched the Productive Macs bundle with 8 great productivity applications for the Mac.

We now announce a big raffle of 50 prizes. You don’t even have to buy the bundle.¬†In order to participate in the drawing, do one of the following:

Increase your chances of winning by doing all 3 of them!

The prizes are 10 of each: Fantastical, Firetask, Cashculator, a year of Backblaze online backup or the bundle itself for free.

Productive Macs Raffle prizes

Productive Macs Raffle prizes


Cashculator 1.2.2 adds better Dropbox and multiple databases support

The new Cashculator 1.2.2 adds support for switching databases which are located in different folders. This allows using multiple copies of Cashculator on different Macs and share the same database, for example, with the famous Dropbox service.

This also opens the possibility to have multiple Cashculator databases and switch between them. For example, you might want to split your business and personal databases, if you share the business database.

To switch to another existing database, in Cashculator’s preferences you change the database location like previously. But now, if the selected folder already contains a database, in additional to “Cancel” and “Overwrite” commands, you have a new option: “Use existing database”. If you click it, Cashculator will immediately restart itself with the database in the selected folder.

Other changes in the release include:

  • NEW: Database backups are now always saved in subfolder of the folder where your database is and not always in “/Library/Application Support/cashculator/Backups”. In conjunction with the ability to to load different databases from different folders, you’ll have separate backups for each database. Also, this allows you to better control the backup process of your database backups and in security aspect, if you keep your Cashculator database in a secured volume.
  • NEW: Added context menu to scenarios. Now you can right click on a scenario to access common function.
  • BUG FIX: negative numbers can now be entered in reconcile table’s starting balances.

As always, use auto-update in your current Cashculator copy or download from

Blast 1.5 supports non-system drives and tracks applications

Just three days after the release of Blast 1.4 we bring you Blast 1.5. It brings some of the most requested features and fixes an important bug (Sidebar items were not remembered between launches). Here are the full release notes:

  • NEW: Blast now handles non-system drives as well
  • NEW: Added tracking for Applications
  • FIX: Sidebar items are now saved between launches
  • NEW: Deleted files are now removed from list automatically
  • NEW: Added “Open With” action
  • NEW: Added “Copy path to clipboard” action
  • NEW: Window now floats above other windows
  • Cashculator 1.1.6 adds several new features

    Cashculator 1.1.6 has been released with the following new features:

    • NEW: Cell details sidebar can now be closed/opened using a button below it
    • NEW: Scenario names are now sorted by name. Default scenario is still the first
    • NEW: Last used view (actual, plan, both or combined) is now remembered between launches

    Use auto-update in Cashculator menu or download here.

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