We’re proud to announce version 1.1 update of Cashculator. The update covers many of the most requested features and some more:

  • Category icon selection – you can now select an icon for each category, edit them or import new icons.
  • Support recurring events on certain months only – now you can make a recurring transaction that will occur once every two, three or other number of months.
  • Support for cents – For users who take their budgeting seriously, we now have the option to display income and expenses with cents without rounding them. This feature can be activated from View menu. Internally, all is saved with cents now.
  • Saving your entry history – When you add several transactions to the cell, not only the total sum of them is saved, but the value of each transaction is saved as well. For example if you spent $100 for groceries and later spent additional $50, just by pressing “enter” on the cell you will be able to see that the spending of 150 on groceries consists of 100 and 50.
  • Automatic Backups – Your personal Cashculator data is now backed-up before each launch of the application.
  • Support for larger amounts – Cashculator now supports very large amounts and will autosize the columns in the table to fit them.
  • Better locale support – Numbers will now be displayed according to locale settings in tables and in sidebar (with correct thousands and decimal separators)
  • Bug fixes

Download Cashculator from http://www.apparentsoft.com/cashculator/download or auto-update from your current installed version.

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