Apparent Software today is proud to announce Cashculator 1.0, a new kind of personal finance application for Mac OS X. Cashculator is a different kind of personal finance application – instead of focusing on the past and logging previous transactions, it focuses on future by forecasting your financial situation.It allows making better decisions regarding your personal finance or small business. Version 1.0 is first release of the application.

Cashculator iconCashculator is different from most other personal finance applications, which are usually complex, costly and focus on past performance by logging and tracking transactions that occurred on user accounts. Unlike them, Cashculator is very easy to use: No need to define your accounts and configure the application, no complex dialog boxes, no credits, debits or portfolio management. Just simple numbers: income and expenses.

Cashculator is the simplest way to manage your finances. Like a spreadsheet, Cashculator is very visual and straightforward. Built specifically for personal finance, Cashculator improves upon a spreadsheet by supporting budgeting, easy “what-if” scenarios comparisons and more.

Cashculator Benefits:

  • It allows you to live in the future, not the past, by forecasting your future financial situation
  • It allows you to make better decisions regarding your personal finance or your small business
  • It allows you to manage your finance using a clear, simple and intuitive interface, following Mac tradition

Main Features:

  • Have a high-level overview of your historic spending and income
  • Cash flow prediction: do you have a surplus cashflow or are you accumulating debt?
  • What-if analysis to compare alternatives: check if you can afford to purchase that gadget in several payments or you should push it until you get that salary raise
  • View income, expenses and balance with easy-to-use and intuitive graphs

Language Support:
* English and French

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 or later
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 7.8 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Cashculator 1.0 costs $29.95 (family license) but can be purchased for $19.95 (USD) for a limited time using a coupon available on the site. A full-featured, trial version can be downloaded.

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