We’re glad to announce the release of Trickster version 2.2, both direct on our site and on the Mac App Store.

The most important change (though not visible) is that Trickster is now sandboxed. For us it means that we can now issue new updates on the Mac App Store. The last release there was a very old version 2.0.1.

The direct version is also sandboxed to make both version similar.

Trickster now requires Max OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) because sandboxing support in 10.7 wasn’t adequate for Trickster’s needs.

This version also brings Finder tags support on 10.9 in custom filters, so you can now base your filter of tag matching.

Here are the full release notes, compared to version 2.1.1:


  • Sandboxing. Trickster is now totally sandboxed, including the direct version.
    What you need to know:
    • Launching this version should migrate your database into the container.
    • The application should ask you to re-add all the folders that you watch. It should show a dialog which lists all these folders that you had there in the list to help you add them again. This should only happen once.
  • Trickster now requires 10.8. Sandboxing on 10.7 is not good enough for Trickster.
  • Tags support in Mavericks. It’s now possible to create filters based on tags. The filter editor now has a sixth button on the bottom to access the tags filtering. The filter will accept files whose filters contain any of the strings that you enter there.
    This means that a filter that has two tag entries — “Work” and “Ball” — will match files that have tags such as “Workout”, “Football”, “homework” or “Job”. Just kidding about “Job.”


  • If current view doesn’t contain any files (search or filter), it’ll show a message inside the list area, instead of showing an empty area
  • Trickster will ask for permissions to access the address book when you click on “subscribe to newsletter”
  • Trickster will show a popover on first launch to explain where to find the File Tracker Settings
  • Fix the display of compact mode on 10.9 (the path wasn’t hidden and garbled the display)
  • Energy efficiency should be improved when there are no files to add/remove/update in the list

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