Version 2.1 focuses on extending Trickster’s usefulness through interoperability with OS X and other applications on your Mac to make it better fit your workflow. It also brings voice-over support. Some bug were fixed as well.

Update Trickster through its auto-update feature or download Trickster from our site.

New features

  • Add Share submenu to the context menu (uses Mountain Lion built-in sharing capabilities, so only works on 10.8 or higher).
  • Add copy (Cmd-C) support. Selected files will be copied to the clipboard, like from Finder.
  • Adding files to Evernote from the context menu. You can add files either to the default notebook or to a specific one. Requires Evernote for Mac application to be installed on the machine.
  • Voice-over accessibility support.
  • Preference to only track opened files. In this case, modified and created files won’t appear in Trickster.
  • Support Control-P and Control-N for table navigation.
  • Automation support
    • AppleScript commands to get recent entries, selected entries, add files to Trickster and refresh the sort.
    • Added system-wide Service that allows adding selected files from Finder to Trickster as most recent ones. Even allows adding files by invoking the service on text that includes file paths.
    • Added a URL scheme (trickster-add-recent://) to add files to Trickster

To learn how to use the automation features and see some examples, read this article on our blog.

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Don’t remove flagged files when cleaning items, just as favorite items are not removed.
  • Fixed: flagging a file would add it to any filter with flag set, regardless of other filter settings.
  • Activate the previous app when Trickster hides main window.
  • In Filter manager, when a file is dropped, display if the file won’t pass global tracking settings, even if it passes the filter.
  • Adjust window height to fit the screen, if resolution or display changes.

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