Educational articles on framing and matting

Are you interested in the history of picture frame? Or perhaps you need some tips for choosing the perfect frame for your art work? What are the main rules of framing the photo?
We are pleased to inform you that we have started publishing educational articles on framing and matting. Take a look at our Picture Framing Articles page.
Every month we will add articles with interesting facts about framing, as well as sharing tips to mount your artwork. Let us introduce our first article – Why a picture frame?

Why a picture frame?

A frame for a picture is like a beautiful dress for a woman. It serves to emphasize the important details, hide the disadvantages, and create a complete, perfect image. Many private owners and art galleries exhibit their paintings without frames, but this is a huge mistake. An unframed picture looks far less impressive than it could because the painting itself is rarely self-sufficient and lacks a complete form. In most cases the right framing is necessary to complete the image…

New frames in ImageFramer

Today we’ve added 94 new frames to the Standard set. Most of the frame graphics was contributed by one of our long-time customers, Glen Dahlman, whom we’d like to thank for his continuing help and contributions over many years. Both images were created using two layers, each of them is new. All the new frames are moulding-type frames — resizable borders.

Two of the frames in “Real” Collection/”Wooden” Set, “Light wood” and “Light wood relief”, were copied from the Pro frames because the Standard set lacked simple light wood frames.

ImageFramer usually checks the library for updates on every launch. But if you disabled it in Preferences, you can force library update check from the menu.

The full list of frames, sorted by “Collection/Set” is below the images.

framed flowers framed bycicle

· Bricks · Cora · Maze · Orange Drops · Pastel · VL · Whole Woods · Yellow Pattern · Zebra 1 · Zebra 2 · Zig
· Linengold 2 · Rough Liner
· Fine Leaves
· Arya · Classic Gold · Tempest
· Antique Carved · Antique Wood · Black & Gold 4 · Black 4 · Blackmore · Carved 1 · Carved 2 · Carved 3 · Carved 4 · Carved Silver Wood 1 · Carved Silver Wood 2 · Chronicle · Composite Wood · Dark Wood · Deggial · Dragon · Duo · Engraving · Faria · Fence · Flint · Flora · Flowers · Framed Wood · Golden Flowers · Golden Wood 2 · Golden Wood 3 · Light wood · Light wood relief · Red laquer 3 · Red laquer 4 · Red’n’black · Red’n’gold 2 · Rough wood 3 · Rough wood 4 · Rough wood 5 · Rough wood 6 · Strict · Stripes · Tempest · Temple · Venice · Waves 1 · Waves 2 · Waves 3 · Wavy · Wooden Handcraft · Worn Wood
· Antiquity · Belt · Black Cobra · Black Leather 1 · Black Leather 2 · Chess · Cold Iron · Country · Elegy · Fabric & Leather · Fabric & Wood · Gold & Linen 2 · Gold on Black 1 · Gold on Black 2 · Gold on Black 3 · Gold on Black 4 · Hamsa · Maya · Metal · Multitude · Red Cobra · Snake · Solarius · Tormund · Woven 1 · Woven 2 · Zigmund


Socialite 1.3.9 fixes Facebook image uploading and Growl issues

Socialite 1.3.9 is now available both on the Mac App Store (which skipped version 1.3.8) and for our direct customers. The release notes for 1.3.9 are short but important:

  • Fix Facebook image uploading.
  • Fix Growl 1.3 support for some customers who were unable to activate the notifications.
  • Fix double Growl notification which appeared in some cases.

So, as usual, either check for updates from within Socialite or fire up App Store, if your copy is from there.

Socialite 1.3.7 brings OAuth 2 support to Facebook and Reply All to Twitter

MOST IMPORTANT: This release is required for all Facebook users as it supports the newer OAuth2 authentication, while the older one is being deprecated from Oct 1.

NOTE: You’ll be prompted to login into your Facebook accounts again. This will be required to do only once, for the new Socialite authentication information to be stored. Socialite doesn’t store your Facebook email or password anywhere.

Full release notes:

  • Facebook authentication converted to OAuth2. Older version of Socialite probably won’t work with Facebook from Oct 1.
  • Facebook authentication now improved, in that it now correctly handles authorization of multiple Facebook accounts from within Socialite, without the need to log out of Facebook in Safari, when adding a second account.
  • REPLY ALL: In Twitter, the “Reply” function now serves as combined “Reply All”. If other users’ accounts are mentioned in the tweet you reply to, they’ll be added to the reply and selected. You can then press right arrow to deselect the text and reply to all of them or start typing your text if you only wanted to answer to the author of the tweet.
  • Fixed some bugs with detection of URLs in tweets and status updates. Including quotes of various types and other common characters.
  • Improved the behaviour of the splitter used for quick-input and preview pane.
  • Possible workaround of a common crash case

Version 1.3.7 was also submitted today to the Mac App Store but it’s still not available there. Check App Store daily to get the update when Apple approves it.

Welcome Mike Glass

It’s a big day today in Apparent Software land! We would like you all to welcome Mike Glass into our little company. Mike is an experienced Mac and iOS developer with several years behind his belt at Pocket Sevens, developing his own applications and helping numerous clients with their projects.

Mike will join us full time and his first mission will be to help us bring Socialite 2 to fruition, ripe and tasty, to everyone’s delight. This second version of Socialite is challenging us on many levels and I’m sure with Mike’s expertise we’ll be able to deliver it much faster and with fabulous quality, as our customers expect it.

Following Socialite for Mac, Mike’s experience with iOS development will play a pivotal role in bringing Socialite to the iPad. We are really excited about the possibilities that an iPad version, synchronized with its Mac counterpart will present.

You can read more about Mike on our company’s About page.


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