Two updates today. Both Cashculator and Blast get minor but important updates.

Cashculator 1.2.10 fixes some important bugs:

  • Table grid drawing fix in Lion (wasn’t in 1.2.7)
  • Full-screen mode in Lion (wasn’t in 1.2.7)
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented saving of the database (“month is a required value” message).
  • Fixed issue that sometimes arises when people move to another Mac or change username
  • Fixes to tutorial UI

Blast 1.7.5 also brings some important bug and usability fixes:

  • Fix crash on launch for some users.
  • Fix bug where some of the results reappeared after cleaning the list.
  • Don’t show Blast off-screen if the icon is too far right on the menu bar
  • Blast’s window height will adjust if it’s too high for the screen resolution
  • Return focus to previous application when closing Blast’s window
  • Some memory and speed optimization

The updates are now available both on the Mac App Store and for direct version users. Direct customers can update right from the applications or download new versions from the web site and overwrite their copies.


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