Cashculator 1.2 brings three main changes to Cashculator, all of which were driven by our customers’ feature requests and our own vision. These are:

Export tables to CSV file

You can now export the amounts that you see in the cells as a CSV file. A CSV file can be opened by all spreadsheet applications. Cashculator defaults to exporting what you see right now in the table – the selected scenario, current screen (income or expenses), current filter for the view (Plan, Actual or Combined) and the horizon. Cashculator will even propose a file name for your export based on these values. If you want, you can still modify the screen and the filter in the save dialog:

Cashculator CSV Export dialog
CSV export has several benefits:

  • You can import the data into your favorite spreadsheet application to perform some analyses or build some graphs that Cashculator doesn’t currently allow
  • You can print the table from the spreadsheet, until Cashculator support printing by itself
  • CSV export of the data also prevents “vendor lock-in”. Some potential customers were afraid of the closed nature of Cashculator. It’s a valid concern. Users should have the ability to get their date out of the application in a portable format

Comments for “transactions”

This is a major but non-intruding improvement to how you can keep track of your transactions. While for the sake of simplicity Cashculator doesn’t keep separate transactions, you could keep simple records by writing expenses as sums, for example, you could write in a cell “100+200” and you’ll see 300 but pressing Enter on the cell would show you the 100+200 string and you could add to it. Yet, when this list grows you might not remember what these numbers mean. This was especially true for multi-month transactions. You could use cell notes in the sidebar to write some remarks but it was uncomfortable.

Introducing Comments. The new Comments feature allows you to add description of the specific transaction right into the text of the cell. So now, you can write the following “100(Dress)+200(Jeans)”. The cell will still show you 300 but the full text with the comments is now saved. Cashculator - Tutorial - Expenses.jpg

In addition, for split transactions the current and total count of payments is automatically added to the comment. If you write “800/4(insurance)” in a cell you’ll get 4 cells, where the first will be “200(insurance 1/4)”, the second will get “200(insurance 2/4) etc. This works for all split transactions with “/” or with “*”. Comments can also be added to transactions from the sidebar with the new “Comment” text field.

Another additional to this is that we simplified how you can see the cell’s contents without pressing “Enter” on the cell since it enters an edit state, which is not something you might want. You can now see cell’s content both with keyboard and with a mouse.

If you hover over a cell, you’ll get the text of the cell in a floating tooltip. We’re forcing the tooltips to show fast, without large delay as usual. tooltip.jpg

The second way to show the details is with a keyboard. When standing on a cell press the Space key. A floating window will popup to show the cell’s content. Press any key to remove the window or click somewhere with the mouse. What’s good is that unlike pressing Enter it doesn’t enter edit state and you still see the sum of the cell. floating window

We’re very happy with this elegant solution to keeping track of your expenses details. We’re sure you’ll find this new ability very convenient.

Scenario notes

We’ve added support to add notes to your scenarios, if the scenario name doesn’t hold enough information to differentiate them. To enter a note for a scenario, select a scenario in the sidebar and from the scenarios menu on the bottom or in File/Scenario click “Scenario notes…”. Scenario notes.jpg

An dialog will open where you can enter the text. To see the notes you can either open the scenario notes again or simply hover with the mouse over the scenario name in the table the notes will appear in a tooltip. It couldn’t be any easier to remind you what this scenario stands for. New Scenario.jpg

Bug fixes

Cashculator 1.2 also fixes some bugs that we and our customers have found. one major bug was related to disappearing totals for customers who move time zones. Another bug could cause issues when using password protection.

Cashculator 1.2 is a must have update for all Cashculator users. And it’s a free update, so there should be no regrets. Download Cashculator now.

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