After a long time, we’re happy to announce a fairly large update to Blast.

Version 1.7.0 adds multiple files selection, QuickLook previews (10.6+), Evernote integration (send files to Evernote), more tracked files and bug fixes. Below are the full release notes.

The version is already available on our site (check for updates from within Blast menu or download here). We’ll soon submit it to the Mac App Store as well but it usually takes about a week for new versions to appear there. So if you’re a Mac App Store customer, you might need to wait longer.

  • Multiple files selection – you can now select multiple files by clicking on them with Shift or with Cmd keys. You can then drag them all or right-click to get a menu relevant to all these files.
  • Evernote integration – you can now send files to Evernote, even to specific notebooks. Evernote for Mac is required for this.
  • Quicklook previews – Pressing space while on a file or files in the recent files list will now show these files in a Quicklook panel a-la Finder. The shortcut to reveal the selected files in Finder is now Cmd-Return, instead of Space, like in previous versions.
  • Separated lists of files in each filter. Now each filtered view has its own list of files, so if you add a lot of images, for example, they won’t remove your documents or applications. The “All Files” view will show the combined list of all these filters and may now be much longer.
  • A new setting in Preferences allows selecting the number of files you want to have in your recent list, per filter. Increased the maximum number to 500 files per filter. So the “All files” view can now reach 3000 files.
  • You can sign to Blast newsletter right from within the application (in the menu).
  • Documents modified by other users on your Mac, which are also logged in will now not show in Blast.
  • Fixed a bug where folders and applications wouldn’t be tracked by Blast if “Opened Files” setting was checked off.
  • Fixed automatic checking of new versions, which was broken in 1.6.5 for most users.
  • Added debugging log (accessible with Cmd-L). May be helpful if you want to know why something’s invisible in Blast or need to give more information to our support.

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