This release focuses on improving Blast in several areas, most notably performance-wise.

Several users complained that Blast would sometimes use up to 100% of CPU during large file operations such as copying folders with large amount of files. I’m sure other users experienced this as well but didn’t notice or did not report. This update should improve the performance of adding files to Blast tenfolds or even more.

A bug was fixed where no files were added to Blast if both “Show folders” and “Show opened” settings in Preferences were unchecked.

A tooltip that appeared when hovering over files in the list now displays full path name instead of the modification time. This is more useful in cases that the path or file name are long.

Lastly, we’ve added a “Send Feedback” form. You can now send feature requests, bugs and support issues right from within Blast. Accessible from the menu.

Everyone are encouraged to update. You can autoupdate from Blast’s menu.

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