After we update Blast’s menu icon in version 1.6 many people wrote back and asked to return the old one. Yet, we replaced the old one since it was also consistently criticized as being too different. So, we’ve taken a 2-part solution to this:

  1. We made the new detonator icon, introduced in 1.6, less ugly. I added some rounded corners and made letter B a bit wider and softer. The whole icon looks much softer now.
  2. I brought the old icon back as well, as an option. You can now select which icon you want to see on your menu bar in the preferences:

menu icon selection.png

Blast 1.6.2 also fixes the following issues:

  • Don’t hide main window when resizing it.
  • Hide main window when selecting “Show in Finder” in context menu.
  • Changed sidebar font to system font which makes the text more readable.

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