Blast 1.6 answers many of the requests brought forward by our users. Your suggestions make Blast better each time. Blast now has a new menu icon:

Blast new icon

Here are the release notes for Blast 1.6:

  • NEW: Blast window can now be resized vertically. A menu item can also reset window height to default.
  • NEW: Added titles for sidebar items. Also increased its width.
  • NEW: Made files inside packages not visible.
  • NEW: Split show Folders and show Applications options.
  • NEW: Can now rename files (from right-click menu)
  • NEW: Modified menu icon to be more in line with the theme and highlighted correctly.
  • NEW: Added “Return to top” option. If you prefer, you can ask Blast to always go to the most recent file when the window opens, instead of keeping last position.
  • NEW: Made highlighting of selected item lighter.
  • NEW: Hide folder and application kinds buttons if user selected not to track them
  • NEW: Show about window attached to the icon, on first launch, to help new users find Blast’s menu bar icon.
  • NEW: Added help image to default sidebar. This is only available for new users. Help image can always be accessible from the menu.
  • FIX: Handle close to screen edge situation, which made Blast’s window go off screen.

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