We’re glad to release Blast 1.3. This version adds many features that you, our users, have asked for and some more that we thought ourselves :-).

Here’s the change list:

  • NEW: Global hotkey (default Control+B) to open and close Blast window
  • NEW: Keyboard actions to open/reveal items in recent files list or in sidebar (Enter to open, Space to reveal)
  • NEW: Easily add excludes right from recent files list: right-click on a file to get context menu.
  • NEW: Option to not track folders. Unselect “Show Folder” in Preferences
  • NEW: Preferences button was replaced by a menu button. Quit button removed, it’s in the menu now.
  • NEW: Visual help accessible from the new menu. See how to best use Blast.
  • Various UI and bug fixes.

Here’s the new help window graphics (reduced):

Blast help

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