A couple of days ago we finally released Cashculator Free on the Mac App Store. It’s a little limited version of our Cashculator application, which is available for about 18 months now. The Free version is only limited in the number of scenarios (up to 2) and the number of months that you can plan your finances forward (3 months). Otherwise they are the same.

Free seems to have its power in getting a word about your application as it removes any barriers to downloading it. So far we’ve got some prominent positions on the Mac App Store, at least in the Financial category. It’s number 1 Free Financial app in many countries (including major ones) and it’s also inside top 50 Free Apps currently in the US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia and more countries.

Cashculator Free also currently displayed well in the App Store application (click for larger images on Flickr):

Cashculator Free in Finance categories

Cashculator Free in US categories

It’s an interesting experiment in marketing for us and we’ll see if it will convert to more sales of the full version. Even if not, it’s still good for our new customers and for us.

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