ImageFramer 2.4.1 release

ImageFramer version 2.4.1 is out with the following changes:

  • Added new option in File menu to save the image over original image. Defaults to same target image (if tif, png or jpg) and size derived from original.
  • Saving to TIFF files now adds ‘.tif’ extension instead of ‘.tiff’

Above changes allow for easy interoperability with other applications that use ImageFramer as an external editor, like Adobe Lightroom. You can now add ImageFramer as an external editor in Lightroom. Then in Photos menu select Edit In > ImageFramer.

Let Lightroom render the file as 8-bit TIF and launch ImageFramer for you. When you add your frame, select File > Save Image… from the menu and it will default to overwrite the original file with the size derived from it as well. The framed image will be nicely stacked (if you chose so) with the original in the Library.

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