Socialite 1.3.7 brings OAuth 2 support to Facebook and Reply All to Twitter

MOST IMPORTANT: This release is required for all Facebook users as it supports the newer OAuth2 authentication, while the older one is being deprecated from Oct 1.

NOTE: You’ll be prompted to login into your Facebook accounts again. This will be required to do only once, for the new Socialite authentication information to be stored. Socialite doesn’t store your Facebook email or password anywhere.

Full release notes:

  • Facebook authentication converted to OAuth2. Older version of Socialite probably won’t work with Facebook from Oct 1.
  • Facebook authentication now improved, in that it now correctly handles authorization of multiple Facebook accounts from within Socialite, without the need to log out of Facebook in Safari, when adding a second account.
  • REPLY ALL: In Twitter, the “Reply” function now serves as combined “Reply All”. If other users’ accounts are mentioned in the tweet you reply to, they’ll be added to the reply and selected. You can then press right arrow to deselect the text and reply to all of them or start typing your text if you only wanted to answer to the author of the tweet.
  • Fixed some bugs with detection of URLs in tweets and status updates. Including quotes of various types and other common characters.
  • Improved the behaviour of the splitter used for quick-input and preview pane.
  • Possible workaround of a common crash case

Version 1.3.7 was also submitted today to the Mac App Store but it’s still not available there. Check App Store daily to get the update when Apple approves it.

3 Responses to “Socialite 1.3.7 brings OAuth 2 support to Facebook and Reply All to Twitter”

  1. Romain Says:


    I’m facing Facebook authentication problems with this new version. As expected after the update, I had to log in to Facebook again. When I did, Socialite displayed the classic, greyed-background “Authentication complete” screen. But when I hit the “Continue” button in the bottom-right corner, nothing happens. After a few seconds, Socialite finally shows an error message: “The authentication credentials you have provided for Facebook were not accepted. Please try again.”. Of course the credentials are valid, since Facebook’s login screen acknowledges that I had submitted the right password… Is this a known bug? How can I solve this please? Thanks in advance.

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Romain.

    I took a look into this with the help of another user who had the same issue. I believe I know where the problem is in code but as a workaround now I think it will help if you simply add a new Facebook service and authenticate there instead of authenticating your current one.

    Then, after you see that all’s alright with the new one, remove the one that doesn’t work.

    I’d like to know if adding a new Facebook account works well for you.

  3. Romain Says:


    Thanks for your quick reply. I can confirm re-creating a brand new Facebook account solves the problem. I’ve deleted the faulty one now. Thank you very much for your help!

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