ImageFramer for photographers

March 27th, 2015

Users of ImageFramer come from different professions and include traditional painters, digital artists, custom framers or printers. Photographers benefit from ImageFramer as well, and today we’ll see how it can be used to spice up or images and prepare for presentation.

First I dropped this photo of a squirrel onto ImageFramer’s window. I’ve got to tell you, I probably had cat’s reflexes that day — catching a squirrel on a camera is no easy matter.


The photo already has a dark vignette applied to it in Lightroom but I wanted to add some mood there. ImageFramer has some nice monochrome oval frames that can be coloured for desired effect. These are located in the “Artistic” collection, “Oval” set. I’ve chosen the one named “Chaos”, added it and toned it a bit to a bright warm colour.

I think it brings even more focus to the subject of the photo, while adding this frost-like appearance, fitting the snow in the shot.

Step1 D7K 9214

From here I’ve added three layers of simple colour mats: a dark one, a white and another wider dark over the top. I made the outer mat wider on the bottom side, because I wanted to add text there.

ImageFramer Squirrel final screenshot

Finally, I added a Text Watermark, placed it over the bottom part of the outer mat, selected a font that I liked, changed its colour to white and here’s the final result:

Final D7K 9214

In fact, ImageFramer has a preset template for these poster-like looks and a double-clicking on it will create the design below in a second. Change the text and you’re done.

ImageFramer Poster template

There are many more creatives ways you can use ImageFramer to improve the presentation of your photographs. Let your imagination surprise you!

Download ImageFramer and see what you can come up with. Then post your results on ImageFramer Facebook page.

Black Friday Sale 2014

November 25th, 2014

Enjoy amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount on all Apparent Software apps!

Black Friday Sale

Until December 2, 2014, prices on all our apps are cut by 50% off the list prices displayed on the Apparent Software site, both on Mac App Store and in the store on the site!

  • Make your photos stand out with ImageFramer
  • Improve your finances with Cashculator
  • Boost your productivity with Trickster, that brings your files at your fingertips

Trickster 2.2.2 brings support to OS X 10.9.3

May 16th, 2014

Mac OS X 10.9.3 update made a change to the file system, making the /Users folder hidden. This prevented Trickster from tracking any file inside the user’s home folder.

Version 2.2.2 of Trickster (released today) now allows tracking files inside hidden folders. This also allows selecting previously hidden folders, such as the <user home>/Library folder.

Direct customers should update immediately through the application, or by downloading Trickster from our Web site.`

Mac App Store customers need to wait until version 2.2.2 appears in the store or work around the issue in meantime by running the following command in Terminal:

sudo chflags nohidden /Users

Enter your administrator’s password when prompted, then press Return. The /Users folder will be visible again.

ImageFramer 3.2 brings lots of improvements

May 14th, 2014

We’re excited to announce the release of ImageFramer version 3.2. The updated version has a lot of changes but most of them are under the hood. User-visible changes include some improvements to the workflow to save you time performing common tasks. We also released two new sets of vector frames in our Holiday collection, namely Easter and Love. See below for some examples.

Let’s see what’s new in more details:

ImageFramer’s codebase was modernized and it now has new system requirements. Specifically:

  • ImageFramer now requires 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later
  • ImageFramer is now a 64-bit application
  • ImageFramer is now sandboxed

ImageFramer brings some visible improvements, such as:

  • Retina support for design view
  • Updated design elements for Retina displays
  • Better rendering quality

Workflow improvements include some common requests, such as:

  • Selection of watermark layers by clicking on them
  • ImageFramer remembers the last drop shadow enabled state of moulding frames. Newly added moulding frames will have the same state of shadow. This replaces the previous default of shadows being on.
  • When replacing a layer with a new one (Option-double click on a frame), ImageFramer will apply old one’s settings to the new one. This allows to quickly see which frame fits better without manually adjusting frame width and similar settings every time.

Other notable improvements: – Faster image rendering – Fixes to all known memory leaks and crashes

New frames

We have new vector frames in the Holiday and Celebration collection, available to all licensed customers. The new sets are Easter and Love. Here’s are several examples made with these new frames. Overall, there are almost 60 new frame designs you can play with.

Mac App Store customers should update ImageFramer in the Mac App Store.

Direct customers should choose “Check for new version” in their “ImageFramer” menu or download ImageFramer from our web site.

You can also manually force ImageFramer to check for new frames from its “ImageFramer” menu, but we suggest you keep the preference to keep it check for new frames automatically checked.

Framed easter1

Easter ImageFramer

Framed couple

Framed couple2

Framed paris

Framed red

Trickster 2.2.1 released

January 1st, 2014

Trickster 2.2.1 is an improvements and bug-fix release. Changes:

  • Fixed: Watching a home folder didn’t work in some occasions.
  • Improved: Resizing of window is now more free. Allow large window when Trickster icon is near screen edge.
  • Added: Google Drive icon in icons for filters.

Update through the application or on the Mac App Store.

Black Friday sale

November 27th, 2013

Enjoy amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount on all Apparent Software apps!

Black Friday Sale

Until Monday, prices on all our apps are cut by 50% off the list prices displayed on the Apparent Software site, both on Mac App Store and in the store on the site!

  • Make your photos stand out with ImageFramer
  • Improve your finances with Cashculator
  • Boost your productivity with Trickster, that brings your files at your fingertips

Trickster 2.2 brings Finder tags support and sandboxing

November 24th, 2013

We’re glad to announce the release of Trickster version 2.2, both direct on our site and on the Mac App Store.

The most important change (though not visible) is that Trickster is now sandboxed. For us it means that we can now issue new updates on the Mac App Store. The last release there was a very old version 2.0.1.

The direct version is also sandboxed to make both version similar.

Trickster now requires Max OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) because sandboxing support in 10.7 wasn’t adequate for Trickster’s needs.

This version also brings Finder tags support on 10.9 in custom filters, so you can now base your filter of tag matching.

Here are the full release notes, compared to version 2.1.1:


  • Sandboxing. Trickster is now totally sandboxed, including the direct version.
    What you need to know:
    • Launching this version should migrate your database into the container.
    • The application should ask you to re-add all the folders that you watch. It should show a dialog which lists all these folders that you had there in the list to help you add them again. This should only happen once.
  • Trickster now requires 10.8. Sandboxing on 10.7 is not good enough for Trickster.
  • Tags support in Mavericks. It’s now possible to create filters based on tags. The filter editor now has a sixth button on the bottom to access the tags filtering. The filter will accept files whose filters contain any of the strings that you enter there.
    This means that a filter that has two tag entries — “Work” and “Ball” — will match files that have tags such as “Workout”, “Football”, “homework” or “Job”. Just kidding about “Job.”


  • If current view doesn’t contain any files (search or filter), it’ll show a message inside the list area, instead of showing an empty area
  • Trickster will ask for permissions to access the address book when you click on “subscribe to newsletter”
  • Trickster will show a popover on first launch to explain where to find the File Tracker Settings
  • Fix the display of compact mode on 10.9 (the path wasn’t hidden and garbled the display)
  • Energy efficiency should be improved when there are no files to add/remove/update in the list

Cashculator 1.3.3 with fixes for Mavericks

November 17th, 2013

Today we’ve released Cashculator version 1.3.3 both on the Mac App Store and direct on our site.

This update fixes the scenario sidebar not showing for some users on Mavericks. In addition, it improves the look of the bottom bar on the Income and Expenses screen.

There are more fixes, which are mainly not seen by users. Cashculator should be faster. It also now requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. Mac OS X 10.6 is no longer supported in version 1.3.3. As Apple goes forward with their OS releases, so do we.

If you’re using the direct version of Cashculator, you can update from the Cashculator menu. You can also download the new version manually.

Announcing Socialite end of life

September 10th, 2013


Ever since we acquired Socialite from Realmac Software in December 2010, we have been planning on releasing a faster, more stable version 2. Months of work had gone into making Socialite 1 better. Then we shifted our focus to the development of Socialite 2. Since then, including some unsuccessful attempts, we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into its development and months of our time.

In June 2012 Twitter announced API changes and made it clear that traditional Twitter clients, such as Socialite, should not be developed. Some of these new rules made developing Twitter support in Socialite 2 impossible, so after much deliberations we had decided to stop the development of Socialite 2, but to continue the support of current version of Socialite.

Since then, keeping Socialite users in mind, we have tried to find a buyer for Socialite. A buyer that could give it a new home, invigorate it and create a new roadmap. But our efforts have been in vain. No such buyer was found, and we decided to continue supporting Socialite in its current form, mainly for its users’ sake.

Recent end-of-life of Google Reader was the last nail in the coffin of Socialite, as without it Socialite loses much of its appeal.

The announcement

The increasing amount of work that updating Socialite required, prevented us from giving proper attention to the development of our other applications and stopped us from creating new exciting applications. At the same time, declining sales and lack of a feasible roadmap made little sense to invest even more resources into Socialite.

Following these developments, we regretfully have to announce the end-of-life of Socialite application starting today. We are deeply sorry that Socialite came to this bitter end, and we understand the frustration of loyal Socialite users. We did our best to make it work, but to all things there is a beginning and an end, and this is the end of Socialite. Hopefully, it will also be a beginning of something else.


What will change:

  • We will stop selling Socialite both on our website and on the Mac App Store
  • We will not release new versions of Socialite
  • We will not keep Socialite up-to-date with API changes of supported services, so going forward some services may stop working
  • We will not provide technical support to Socialite starting November 2013
  • Users who have purchased Socialite from our website starting June 1st 2013 are entitled to a refund. Contact us at and we will process your refund immediately. Unfortunately, Apple does not let us provide refunds to customers who purchased Socialite from Mac App Store.

What will stay the same:

  • The latest version will continue to be available for download from our website
  • We will continue to provide limited licensing support for existing users
  • We will provide limited technical support for existing users until end of October 2013, to give them time to migrate to alternative solutions, like:
    • Hootsuite for power users of Facebook and Twitter
    • Tweetbot for Twitter
    • Feedly or ReadKit for RSS
    • Facebook website for Facebook
    • Flickery for Flickr

It’s been a long ride, and it has been a pleasure to have such enthusiastic users.

Jacob and Kosta Apparent Software

Trickster 2.1.1 fixes bugs and changes the flag

January 14th, 2013

Version 2.1.1 of Trickster a number of important bug fixes. It also makes the flags more visible on the dark background by changing their color from crimson to golden yellow.

  • Fix Trickster reaching 100% CPU usage for users during trial period
  • Fix number of days for 2 weeks of expiration setting to behave correctly
  • Don’t show Trickster’s window on launch, if Hide is set in Login Items.
  • Replaced flag with a yellow one instead of the older crimson-colored one for better contrast.

Update Trickster through its auto-update feature or download Trickster from our site.

Trickster Cashculator ImageFramer